Startup School is opening my eyes!

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The first time I was involved in co-founding a company called Solar Semiconductors Morelos (SEMOR) was when I worked in CEMIE-Sol. The objective was to create innovative products based on scientific background and their commercialization. This experience was revealing because all my background was in science and academia; therefore, I was forced to immerse in the innovation community. Now, the Y Combinator Startup school is opening my eyes because I can see some of the mistakes we made at that time. One of the most important was we were creating products from inside to outside which means we did not…

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How to Create a Graphical Abstract for your Science Manuscript?

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Long time no see, but I have been drafting two manuscripts during the Covid-19 lockdown. The first one is about my 2020 postdoctoral project at the Physics Institute of BUAP (IFUAP), and the other one comes as a collaboration with my last research group at IER-UNAM. Both works are related to the synthesis of new materials for energy conversion, solar cell development, and numerical simulation using SCAPS-1D. At this stage, the writing process and discussion with my coworkers have almost come to an end. However, one of the requirements to submit the manuscript to the journal is to include a…

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