Modern LaTeX CV

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Today I want to share my new curriculum vitae (CV) for pursuing an academic position in Mexico. If you are a new subscriber of my blog, you should know I am doing a second postdoctoral project at ICUAP-BUAP. The postdoc is a project to get professional experience for a scientific career. However, the small letters of a postdoc life say, "You have no permanent position yet," then you should constantly look for a job. That's why I am here to share my LaTex template with you. The original modern LaTex CV The open software culture encourages you to share your…

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Postdoc at the BUAP Science Institute

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Last November 24th was the first day I got into the BUAP Science Institute (ICUAP). Then, we took photographs in front of the Research Semiconductor Devices building to remember this moment. In the main picture of this post, you can observe Dr. Roman Romano, who is the principal researcher (PI), and me. My postdoctoral project is scheduled from October 2021 to September 2022. Now, I am building thin-film solar cell prototypes made of antimony chalcogenide as the main absorber layer. This project is funded by the Conacyt postdoctoral fellowship to impulse the Mexican PhDs in their early days of an…

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