Redacción colaborativa en Manubot

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Hace una semana llegó a mis manos un artículo de sobre redacción colaborativa mediante un software llamado Manubot . El artículo explica la posibilidad de redactar de forma abierta manuscritos científicos. La idea central es implementar un sistema de control de versiones (Git) online (GitHub) para organizar la redacción de documentos. Este método propone un cambio de paradigma a la forma habitual de trabajar de un investigador, ya que…

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How to Write a Manuscript During the Lockdown

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Part 1: Setting your workplace In March of this year, the Mexican government announces the suspension of activities in all the universities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The first tactic was the implementation of social distancing ( Something that everybody can do during Coronavirus, Social Distancing). This tactic is working around the globe. However, not all the population have the opportunity to do a personal lockdown. Fortunately, academics, teachers,…

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How to add math on your blog : MathJax + Blogger

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This tip is useful for engineering and science bloggers who want to share their knowledge on the web. Here is the way I found. I recently tested it on the Blogger system,  the purpose is to share science tutorials with you using the correct math way. Let's do it! Step 1: Add a new gadget to your blog and copy and paste the following script. <script src=""></script> <script id="MathJax-script" async…

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