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Today I want to share my new curriculum vitae (CV) for pursuing an academic position in Mexico. If you are a new subscriber of my blog, you should know I am doing a second postdoctoral project at ICUAP-BUAP. The postdoc is a project to get professional experience for a scientific career. However, the small letters of a postdoc life say, “You have no permanent position yet,” then you should constantly look for a job. That’s why I am here to share my LaTex template with you.

The original modern LaTex CV

The open software culture encourages you to share your work in an online repository like Github or GitLab. You can find great software, scripts, and templates in this place. Then, when I required some features for my daily life, first I came to Github and searched for them. That’s how I found the modern-latex-cv in the @Philipempl Github repository. His template has an English and German version with non-personal information. You can go there and get the original. But, if you want to keep an eye on my CV with all my career paths, I invite you to download mine.

Forked modern-latex-cv from Philipempl repository

The Spanish version of modern-LaTex-CV

Yes, I am a Mexican guy who speaks Spanish, and that is why you will find the CV template in this language. One reason is that in Mexico, you will require to deliver your job application in Spanish, and the second reason is that Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. Click here to go to my CV repository. Look at the image below; you should click on the green CODE button and Download the ZIP.

my modern-latex-cv repository is located on Github

Once you decompress the zip file, you will need to open the cv.tex file. This file contains the LaTeX template with my professional information. Now your job is to change the data with yours. Feel free to modify and share with your friends.

Building the PDF file

If you get here, I think you know how to work with LaTeX; the only recommendation is to build the PDF file using your favorite editor. I am a Mac user using the Texpad App, but you can do it on OverLeaf or TexMaker. Just take care of using pdflatex as the typeset.

Working on Texpad App

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