What are preprints?

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What is a preprint? (Science communication Tool)
Preprint vs traditional paper submission.  When I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree I went to a research center and the first thing I read there was “Science that is not shared is not science” then I had the opportunity to enter this fascinating world of thinkers, conquers or discoverers. 
But, How to share science? There are two ways one is peer review paper manuscript where you are reporting to science community your research this way time schedule is important In my experience  1 year of research is resume in a manuscript which is submitted to the Journal and there peers review can last from 1 – 8 months for a response. If this is favorable the publishing date is scheduled but if not correction suggestion should be made before.  
How about pre-print? This way is new for the community, Actually, my doctoral and postdoctoral advisor are not using it. That’s why I am here. Looking on the internet for ideas. We can take advantage of this new method. For sure, sharing new discoveries is the idea of science communication, but the opportunity to have feedback is amazing.  Because in that way is how knowledge is built. 
Feel free to watch the video. Now we need to discover where is the adequate server for preprint submission (at the same time as the peer review journal submission).


Cornel University: Arxiv.org 

  • Condensed Matter (Solid state physics) – Link
    • physics.optics
    • cond-mat.mtrl-sci
    • physics.app-ph
  • ChemRxiv: The Preprint Server for Chemistry

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