I replace the battery of my phone, now what?

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Last week I was talking about "DIY Culture: Repair and Recycle" where I show you the way I found to replace an old iPhone 6 and keep using it for a while in 2020. But now, there is still a problem. What I should do with the used battery? The answer is to trash it, but correctly. Here, I will show you how to do it and what more we can learn from this technology. Li-ion battery is a highly recycle technology, but if you trash it the common way there is a potential risk for fire or burning. Why?…

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DIY Culture: Repair and reuse a smartphone

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The DIY or Do It Yourself culture is a great way to fight against the programmed or built-in obsolesce. I have owned this phone for 4 years; since then I have kept it with me almost everywhere. This Technology has helped me to reduce wasted time in routine tasks like doing lines in the bank. This is my second battery replacement, two years ago I embrace the international battery replacement program of Apple. At that moment I realize that I will be able to keep my phone for one more year. This movement was incredible because I could start to…

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