DIY Culture: Repair and reuse a smartphone

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The DIY or Do It Yourself culture is a great way to fight against the programmed or built-in obsolesce. I have owned this phone for 4 years; since then I have kept it with me almost everywhere. This Technology has helped me to reduce wasted time in routine tasks like doing lines in the bank. This is my second battery replacement, two years ago I embrace the international battery replacement program of Apple.

At that moment I realize that I will be able to keep my phone for one more year. This movement was incredible because I could start to save money and put my grain of sand for the solution of the technology trash problem. Did you ever think about that? Where is your old phone now?. Well, that day I just went to the certificate provider and let my phone there, after some hours I get back the device and I just pay for the battery and not for the service. I remember it cost me like 600 MXN pesos or like 32 USD dollars.

Do not trash your device It should be recycled. The most toxic part is the Li-ion polymer battery. That’s why batteries come sealed.

The time pass and I continue using every day my phone. Did you imagine what happens again? Yes, after two more years this device drains the battery more quickly than before. I could not go outside without keeping with my external battery. I know after four years it is almost time to replace my phone. But before that, I have observed that and old phone like this one is enough for my lifestyle. My most-used apps are for BANK, PHONE, CAMERA, and SOCIAL MEDIA.

This year definitely I will change it but after that, I can give it a second life as a reserve phone (You know, in case of robbery). Or maybe I will be able to sell it for a reasonable price. The problem with the official replacement was the price, it double than the last time. That issue makes me think so hard: Is it time to replace the whole phone? or What if I change the battery by myself?. I decide to replace it by myself and I have followed these steps:

Replace battery methodology:

  1. Search and buy the battery replacement (Mexico):
  2. Watch and follow the Replacement tutorial from IFIXIT
  3. Do it yourself
Original iPhone 6 battery: 1800 mAh


It is possible to replace the battery only if you have the interest and the basic tools to open the cellphone. That argument is a good point in the following purchase. We should remember how easy it is to repair?

If you do not know anything about batteries you should now that this part of the cellphone is what usually deteriorates. Its called Li-ion polymer battery technically and Apple says that your new phone will retain 80% of its original capacity after 500 cycles. If you charge the cellphone ones for the day then this battery should be replaced in less than two years.


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