Exploring the XRD system at IFUAP

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A scientist is continuously seeking the truth of nature. There is a jungle of fields to explore from material science to the universe, a scientist could be doing experiments at the laboratory, or maybe they just need a comfortable place to think and create new theories which will explain new phenomena.  Training day: XRD System  and software High Score Plus, BUAP Today I was able to explore the XRD system at IFUAP (shown in the above picture). The purpose of this visit was to analyze a previous measured XRD pattern. Gratefully the responsible researcher allows me to manipulate the software…

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Video: Analysis of techniques for measuring carrier recombination lifetime

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Author:  Dr. Richard K. Ahrenkiel is a Research Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Abstract Rapid, accurate and contactless measurement of the recombination lifetime is a very important activity in photovoltaics. The excess carrier lifetime (Δn(t)) is the most critical and variable parameter in the development of photovoltaic materials. Device performance can be accurately predicted from the lifetime measurement of the starting material. However, there is no single measurement that directly measures the bulk lifetime as all measurements are based on a device model. A primary issue is that the lifetime is…

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