How to fabricate high efficient perovskite solar cells?

My experience on Perovskites solar cells (PSCs) comes from IER-UNAM, where I had the opportunity to take a 1-week course with Dra. Hailin research group. Here, we developed some MAPbI3 Perovskite solar cells with regular n-i-p architecture. Due to the fabrication protocol they were following, we could develop PSCs of up to 12% in our first attempt. Workshop - Development of Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells - IER-UNAM, June 2019. Imagine how it feels to fabricate a device of 12% of conversión energy in your first week of experimental research. That is the magic of perovskite materials because it is easy…

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Where is the solar cell research community on the web?

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Before the COVID-19 lockdown, I was working in a research laboratory on the development of novel materials for thin-film solar cells. At that time, my routine was going to the lab from Monday to Friday, analyzing the experiment results even on weekends, and writing the corresponding science manuscript. If you are in the academics or research area, you can even notice that interaction with the material science community was local, I mean in the same institute or the university. However, COVID-19 brings us the opportunity to seek a connection with our peers on the web. In my experience, the interaction…

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Startup School is opening my eyes!

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The first time I was involved in co-founding a company called Solar Semiconductors Morelos (SEMOR) was when I worked in CEMIE-Sol. The objective was to create innovative products based on scientific background and their commercialization. This experience was revealing because all my background was in science and academia; therefore, I was forced to immerse in the innovation community. Now, the Y Combinator Startup school is opening my eyes because I can see some of the mistakes we made at that time. One of the most important was we were creating products from inside to outside which means we did not…

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