Mexican Student Strike – #NoMoreViolence

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Student Strike against surrounding violence

Last week at Puebla City the BUAP University went to student strike due to violent events against students. This is a shameful situation for Mexican society. An increase in violence affects us in every economic sector of our lives. As a citizen, I worried about the safety of my family and friends when they are traveling alone. I am not going to analyze violence against men or women. This situation is general, I have seen violence from Rural to City environment and I think the common component is lack of education. We need to make more to induce our children…

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Copper sulfide – Preparation of precursor solutions

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Chemical solutions for CuS deposition

During my postdoctoral stay at the Physics Institute of BUAP one of my duties is the deposition of thin-film semiconductors. At this laboratory IFUAP-205, I have been doing chemistry activities like the preparation of precursors solutions. In Fig.1, I want to show you three vials with solutions of different molar concentrations used for copper sulfide thin-film deposition: Copper chloride (CuCl2), Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and Thiourea (NH2CSNH2). These solutions were dissolved in deionized water and stirred using a magnetic plate. What I have learned here is that solutions should be prepared one day before or in the moment of the chemical…

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