What are preprints?

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https://youtu.be/2zMgY8Dx9co What is a preprint? (Science communication Tool)   Preprint vs traditional paper submission.  When I was pursuing my bachelor's degree I went to a research center and the first thing I read there was "Science that is not shared is not science" then I had the opportunity to enter this fascinating world of thinkers, conquers or discoverers.    But, How to share science? There are two ways one is…

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AFM training: Bruker Dimension Edge at IFUAP

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Equipmen: AFM Bruker Dimension Edge  Responsible research: Dr. Francisco Flores  Day: 1 First training day on AFM Bruker Dimension Edge AFM at the Physics Institute of BUAP. This equipment will allow the measurement of topography properties like roughness and grain size. The researcher in charge explains too that it's possible to acquire electrical conductivity and work function from the surface of the films.  URL: Product overview    Model: AFM - Bruker…

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Laboratory – Bismuth Sulfide thin films

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Location: Physics Institute of BUAP, Puebla, Pue. Chemical deposition:  Bi2S3 Bismuth Sulfide Supervisor: M.C Denisse Loeza Chemical deposition of bismuth sulfide from the master thesis work of M.C. Denisse Loeza. This work has the intention to develop new materials (semiconductors) for solar cells. Like the ternary compound Cu3BiS3, which posses potential properties as a p-type semiconductor for absorber layer on thin-film technology. Fig.1: Washing Bi2S3 thin films after chemical deposition…

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