Mexican Student Strike – #NoMoreViolence

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Student Strike against surrounding violence

Last week at Puebla City the BUAP University went to student strike due to violent events against students. This is a shameful situation for Mexican society. An increase in violence affects us in every economic sector of our lives. As a citizen, I worried about the safety of my family and friends when they are traveling alone. I am not going to analyze violence against men or women. This situation is general, I have seen violence from Rural to City…

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Outreach day for young girls – Development of Solar cells

February 11th has been designated as the international day of women and girls in science to promote their participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities [1]. For the first time in 2020, the Physics Institute of BUAP (IFUAP) opens its doors to young girls to talk about science and technology. Here, at the BUAP IF2 building, you can find me at the Lab-205 which is designed for the development of hin films and nanoparticles of novel materials. This laboratory…

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