Mexican Student Strike – #NoMoreViolence

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Last week at Puebla City the BUAP University went to student strike due to violent events against students. This is a shameful situation for Mexican society. An increase in violence affects us in every economic sector of our lives. As a citizen, I worried about the safety of my family and friends when they are traveling alone.

I am not going to analyze violence against men or women. This situation is general, I have seen violence from Rural to City environment and I think the common component is lack of education. We need to make more to induce our children and adolescent to keep out of violence. There is a lot of cultural places besides schools to discover and put in practice social behavior rules. Please, do not cooperate with corruption. Do not follow this Mexican rule : (El que no tranza, no avanza) there is no progress without cheating.

The increase in violence reveals a lack of basic education in our society.

The first day of Student Strike – Doors closed by BUAP students. February 26th, 2020.

My “Granito de arena” little thing to change this situation is to keep educating. Our undergraduate students are vital because we are training specialized humans who will be conscious of synergy between humans and nature.

There is hope in a conscious and educated society for progress and social welfare

For the Spanish community, you cand read the Psychosocial Aspects of Young Violence to prevent and understand How Violence appears in our society. I recommend the reading of the first two articles [1].


[1] (March 1st, 2020) Revista de estudios de juventud – Aspectos Psicosociales de la Violencia Juvenil. Retrieved from

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