Fabrication of Titanium dioxide as a compact layer for Perovskite and thin-film solar cells

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Special thanks for Dra Hailin Zao Hu at IER-UNAM who let me collaborate and learn from their group the methodology for TiO2 compact layer deposition.  All the training was possible with the assistance of Ph.D. student Fabian and undergraduate  Ing. Gabriela Abrego from UTEZ.

Preparing TCO with magic tape  for HRT layer deposition 
Spin coater  and micropipette are the essential tools for TiO2 deposition 
First heating of the compact layer over a hot plate : low temperature
Second and final heating – Sintering TiO2 on a muffle furnace : high temperature
Compact TiO2 layer deposited over a TCO for thin-film chalcogenide or Perovskite solar cells. 

Jesus Capistran

Developing thin-film solar cells

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