Something that everybody can do during Coronavirus, “Social distancing”

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During the second weekend of March 2020, the Mexican government announced downtime for school public systems and cancellation of massive events. The main reason is to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 virus and the failure of the health system. We have as an advantage the experience of China, Italy, and Spain fighting against the new virus. In the following video, you can see How we can reduce the velocity of spread. It is a fact that someday we are going to catch COVID-19, but if we reduce the amount of infection through social distancing we will be more prepared for medical assistance.

Act now, if you have the option practice “Social Distancing”: Avoid public transportation, office, crowded places even small social gatherings.

Mar 16, 2020. VOX, Youtube Video: Why fighting the COVID-19 depends on you!

Spread from 100 to 1000 cases

Data analysis helps us to be informed and make better decisions during COVID-19 downtime. Today in Mexico (March 17) we are near 100 confirmed cases by WHO. If we make a review of the countries which have more time fighting against the new virus, we realize that the exponential growth of the number of confirmed cases is our real enemy. For that reason, Prevention is our best weapon right now.

Here I show you the timelapse of COVID-19 from the countries with more cases. With this information, I want to show you How much time it takes to pass from 100 to 1000 confirmed cases by WHO.

Some countries as the United States has declared National Emergency after this point. It is time to prevent the spread.

  • S.Korea: Feb 20 (111 cases) – Feb 26 (1261 cases) – Mar 4 (5,621) – Mar 16 (8,236)
  • Italy: Feb 22 (79 cases) – Feb 29 (1,128) – Mar 7 (5,883) – Mar 16 (27,980)
  • Iran: Feb 25 (95 cases) – Mar 2 (1,501) – Mar 9 (7,161) – Mar 16 (14,991)
  • France: Feb 29 (100 cases) – Mar 8 (1,209) – Mar 16 (6,633)
  • Spain: Mar 1 (84 cases) – Mar 9 (1,231) – Mar 16 (9,942)
  • Germany: Mar 1 (130 cases) – Mar 8 (1,040) – Mar 16 (7,272)
  • USA: Mar 2 (100 case) – Mar 11 (1,301) – Mar 16 (4,663)
  • Mexico: Mar 16 (84 cases) – Mar 23 (>1000 ?)

Data Analysis:

Prepare for COVID19 Downtime

Mexico and other countries which have less than 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have the opportunity to prevent a chaotic situation. This is a call for our society, family, and friends to be informed and make the best decision: Practice Social distancing and health recommendations.

Trust information by WHO (World Health Organization).

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