Challenge: Share your ride!

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Downtown Puebla street - Callejon del Sapo A month ago, I was traveling by bus from Morelos to Puebla city during the night. When I ask for my stop around 21-22 hours, more people get down too. It was a scary scene due there were just two local taxi units and no more transportation. Therefore, there was no other choice than ask for an Uber ride.  I observe the situation.…

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Winter vacation of a Mexican young scientist

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Winter vacation on the public school system means three full weeks doing something else; personal stuff maybe,  I am not sure about working but resting is a must. As a postdoctoral fellowship, I am not able to get into the university facilities to do some office or experimental work in the laboratory. That means that all the experimental work is on a pause. Well, this situation brings me to the…

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Advance Materials group at IFUAP-BUAP

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Dra. Mou Pal group: Research and development of metal chalcogenides, metal oxides nanoparticles. ( Happy Birthday ) From left to right: Andres, Marifer, Cancino, Dra. Mou Pal, Denise, Me (Jesus Capistran).  

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