Something that everybody can do during Coronavirus, “Social distancing”

During the second weekend of March 2020, the Mexican government announced downtime for school public systems and cancellation of massive events. The main reason is to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 virus and the failure of the health system. We have as an advantage the experience of China, Italy, and Spain fighting against the new virus. In the following video, you can see How we can reduce the velocity of spread. It is a fact that someday we…

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Mexican Student Strike – #NoMoreViolence

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Student Strike against surrounding violence

Last week at Puebla City the BUAP University went to student strike due to violent events against students. This is a shameful situation for Mexican society. An increase in violence affects us in every economic sector of our lives. As a citizen, I worried about the safety of my family and friends when they are traveling alone. I am not going to analyze violence against men or women. This situation is general, I have seen violence from Rural to City…

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Is it hard to get a postdoctoral stay in Mexico?

Coffee cup at IFUAP-BUAP (From MIT)  In Mexico, 2019 is a hard year for Science and technology due to two main reasons: a) Change of Mexican president followed with a change of political flagship and b) Corruption priority besides economical aspects. This year I had the opportunity to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship from Conacyt-International to spend one year at EMPA-Switzerland.  In August, the results came and I was not selected. These results are followed by a reduction of federal…

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