Startup School is opening my eyes!

The first time I was involved in co-founding a company called Solar Semiconductors Morelos (SEMOR) was when I worked in CEMIE-Sol. The objective was to create innovative products based on scientific background and their commercialization. This experience was revealing because all my background was in science and academia; therefore, I was forced to immerse in the innovation community. Now, the Y Combinator Startup school is opening my eyes because I can see some of the mistakes we made at that time. One of the most important was we were creating products from inside to outside which means we did not…

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SEMOR-UNAM official collaboration

Solar Semiconductors Morelos S de RL de CV gets the official collaboration agreement with IER-UNAM for the development of scientific research, development of human resources, innovation, and technology transfer related to energy efficiency and renewable energies. Our company is a SPIN-OFF created from the project CEMIE-SOL by IER-UNAM students and coworkers of the P35 project. With this agreement of collaboration, we invite our colleagues to brainstorm about solutions that promote industrial applications related to renewable energies. The official announcement of SEMOR-UNAM collaboration agreement. Date: February 2020

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How to get Project Management skills for Scientists

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash I have the opportunity to be the Solar Semiconductors Morelos (StartUp) founder partner, this young company gives me the profile of an entrepreneur looking for opportunities related to the energy sector. Last days I had the chance to reach the industry, government, and academic actors. Here,  I realize there will be a push (investment) for new projects related to the acquisition of renewables on companies and government. But, How a scientist can touch this sector? A scientist is a person who creates and solve problems using science and technology A scientist solves problems using scientific methodology and…

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