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Downtown Puebla street – Callejon del Sapo

A month ago, I was traveling by bus from Morelos to Puebla city during the night. When I ask for my stop around 21-22 hours, more people get down too. It was a scary scene due there were just two local taxi units and no more transportation. Therefore, there was no other choice than ask for an Uber ride.  I observe the situation. Almost everybody was using their cellphone to call their friends or families.

Two cars get immediately and lift three persons. Then a young boy and I kept there a little bit more. We were waiting for a better tariff of the Uber.  As the price was elevated, I decided to ask him. Do you want to share the ride? When he said, I already pick one. And it will get here in a minute. Suddenly he surprises me, asking back, “If you want, I can pick you up to a safer place.” I accept and think:

If you break the ice you will be able to offer or get a ride 

Last weekend during midday I was standing at the bus stop an older man was there too.  We wait for 10-15 minutes, and the bus did not appear.  What was happening with public transportation?  I did not know, but I felt it was unsafe to keep in one place for an extended period.  Then I proceed to get an Uber and remember the last day when the young guy offers me a ride. This DejaVu makes me think: Its time to get back, Let’s share my ride. 

I know it is difficult to open a conversation with somebody you don’t know, but if there is a purpose where you can help somebody else. Then there is an excellent opportunity to show gratitude.  I think this challenge will promote kind gestures, like the movie Pay it Forward when somebody receives the support he must pay it forward and create a change.  It is a great movie, I can give you the link if you want to watch in old ways DVD.

Pay it forward movie: 

This challenge its a way to give something. Have you ever share something like a ride, a book, a cup of coffee? Well, you can share your story in the comments below.  Have a great day, and remember. Small things make a bigger difference.

Jesus Capistran

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