AFM Training – Tip functions

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Responsible research: Dr. Francisco Flores
Day: 2
Today I observe how a point for AFM is changed: We need to choose it depending on the material and the measurement we want to perform. For example, the sample of today is gold nanoparticles over a glass substrate then we have tried the TAP300Al-G which is a probe from the company BudgetSensors. This probe is designed for AFM in Tapping mode and is coated with reflective aluminum.
From the company BudgetSensor, we can discover the function of the tip models:

  • No coating: is designed for topography purpose
  • Backside aluminum coating: is designed to enhance the laser reflectivity and ensure stable measurement form highly reflective surfaces.
  • Backside Gold coating (inertness):  is designed for stable reflection measurement in liquids.
  • Overall coated Gold: is designed and used for Biological Samples and aggressive chemical ambients. Often use for TIP functionalization.
  • Cr and Pt coated probe: is designed for electrical measurement like electrostatic force microscopy.
  • Diamond-like carbon coating: enhance the durability of the tip and is designed to perform many consecutive scans
Here are some photographies from the training day:
Figure 1: Change of Tip for AFM Measurement in Bruker Dimension Edge
Figure 2: Responsible researcher placing the tip in the AFM equipment
Figure 3:  Getting the sample inside (gold nanoparticles deposited on glass substrate)

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