Hitachi SU1510 (SEM) and Lifycs (UNAM)

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This is a great way to share with you my passion for science and photography.

Hitachi SU1510 – Scanning Electron Microscopy | IER-UNAM | Lifycs | Electron detectors


During my postgraduate program (2010-2017), I lived the moment of an exponential acquisition of laboratory equipment. The first stage of this expansion was during the program call Lifycs (Photovoltaic Innovation and characterization of solar cells). Here, 17 Mexican Universities participated in getting the  Conacyt National Laboratory lead by Prof. P.K Nair.  Moreover, with the participation of UNAM with another 50% founds (Total MXN 32.9 million), it was possible to built the  Lifycs Building usually called 3.1 Building. This place is located at Temixco Morelos inside  IER-UNAM  facilities.

Coming back to the SEM equipment, the Hitachi SU1510 was acquired due to the possibility of measure samples with a radius of 153 mm and 60 mm high.  When this equipment was already installed, and we were attending the training program, I was able to take some photographs inside the vacuum chamber.

In the picture it is possible to see the following components:

  • A) Secondary electron detector 
  • B) Backscattering electron detector 

It’s great to see and operate this technology and even more share with you my experience.

Technical Data 

URL: Sem information and sample images


This equipment is available for other institutions and industry through a collaboration agreement made by the technical management department. For inquiries, please contact these telephone numbers: (777) 3620090 ext. 29725, direct line : (55) 5622-9725

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