How to get Project Management skills for Scientists

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I have the opportunity to be the Solar Semiconductors Morelos (StartUp) founder partner, this young company gives me the profile of an entrepreneur looking for opportunities related to the energy sector. Last days I had the chance to reach the industry, government, and academic actors. Here,  I realize there will be a push (investment) for new projects related to the acquisition of renewables on companies and government. But, How a scientist can touch this sector?

A scientist is a person who creates and solve problems using science and technology

A scientist solves problems using scientific methodology and international scientific literature. However,  the question is How a scientist fits on a company with no research department? When I ask for advice from a businessman, he said that I should know what kind of job I am looking for.  For example, doing a job search at Tesla Company, I found jobs for Energy Analysts. This job is located in the Operation and Business section, and the requirements can be fit for people with a bachelor’s degree.

Going to the industry from a science profile means to pivot to engineering  or going to an entrepreneur adventure on innovation.

If we analyze the path of a scientist who wants to become an entrepreneur doing innovation, then some skills are needed, like business and management. Here is why the need for project management certification.  In this era, there is a lot of information, but it needs to be trusting information; that’s why I will use and recommend EDX for online preparation. (About EDX Micromasters®)

1. EDX Platform offers a free online course (information), but the certification has a low cost. It is essential to acquire knowledge and skills, but if you have the financial support, a certification shows the company your skills.  Here is a MicroMaster, ® on Project Management skills, need if you a scientist wants to become an entrepreneur.

RITx Project Management MicroMasters® Program

  • Project management: Life cycle
  • Best practices for project management success
  • International project management

2. PMI.ORG – Online courses.  This entity is the international  Project Management Institute that offers preparation courses and certification for project managers. I am not getting a course here, but I will look for the PMBOOK® Guide and Standards (English), you cand find here the Spanish version: Gúia del PMBOOK®”

The purpose here after reading this book is to acquire the project management language. Are you looking for the same skills?  Let me tell you about my experience at the next meeting with the businessmen.  But for now, What are you looking for? Are you an entrepreneur scientist?

Jesus Capistran

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